The campus facilities

Campus Facilities

Our 13-building campus is located in the Navigli (canal) district of Milan. It is close to public transportation and not far from the city centre, with its historic monuments and lively shopping streets.

FASHION LAB - The campus
FASHION LAB - The campus
Fashion Lab

Students in the Fashion Design programme can use the Fashion Lab to make models and prototypes.

Fully equipped with sewing machines, mannequins, irons, sewing tables and other tools, as well as different kinds of leather and fabric, the Lab is where your designs take shape.

DESIGN LAB - The campus
DESIGN LAB - The campus
DESIGN LAB - The campus
Design Lab

The IJ֮ Design Lab is the place where you can work on models and projects that are required as part of your programme.

The Lab is equipped with hi-tech machinery and tools and a wide range of materials, so you get all the resources you need to grow and shape your ideas.

LIBRARY - The campus

At IJ֮, you can feel free to use a superb library that houses books and magazines on a wide variety of subjects including design, architecture, fashion and business.

The library also provides access to important online databases related to the same areas.

DA campus class

With 4000 students from over 50 countries studying here, our campus is a truly vibrant, multicultural environment. It also features several world-class facilities.

Language Support
IJ֮ offers courses at different levels to help international students improve their knowledge of the Italian language.

Network Services
Each Master’s Programme has a dedicated directory on the IJ֮ server containing learning materials and a personal folder for each student.
The school also provides numerous workstations loaded with the latest releases of major software programmes. Apps are available for mobile devices.

A dedicated help desk provides expert assistance to help you solve computer and wireless problems quickly.

RESTAURANT - The campus

Known as The Corner, on-campus eatery includes a coffee bar and restaurant offering breakfast and drinks and a self-service cafeteria open for lunch.

On the roof of the cafeteria is a nice terrace where you can relax over lunch in the warmer months. Or you can enjoy a picnic with friends on our beautiful grassy lawn.

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